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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Adventures of Sookie and Her Magic Nookie

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sookie.  She was like no other little girl.  For Sookie had magic powers.  She could hear what people were thinking.  But her other talent was much more special.  Sookie was born with a magic nookie.

Sookie lived in a town called Bon Temps.  She lived with her Gran and her brother Jason.  

Sometimes Sookie was very sad.  None of the other children wanted to play with her.  They called her names.  One day a new girl named Tara came to Sookie's school.  Tara was sad too.  No one wanted to play with her either.  Sookie asked Tara to be her special friend.  Tara was happy to be Sookie's friend.  

Sookie and Tara grew up and then they went to work at the same place.  It was a bar and grill called Merlotte's.  Sookie like to work at Merlotte's.  She met many interesting people.  
One night  a strange and handsome man came into Merlotte's.   Sookie's magic nookie knew there was something very special about this man.  He was a vampire.  His name was Bill.  Sookie thought it was very funny that his name was Bill.  Everytime Sookie was around Bill, her magic nookie would  talk to her and tell her about all the things that she should do so that her magic nookie would stay happy.  

One night Sookie came home and saw that someone had murdered her Gran.  She was very sad. Her magic nookie talked to her and told her how to get glad again.   It told her to put on her Stevie Nicks dress and she and her magic nookie should go visit Bill.  Bill was very happy to see Sookie.  He was even more happy to see her magic nookie.  He was so happy that he showed Sookie his fangs.  They were very sharp.  

Bill and Sookie's magic nookie went on a very special trip.  Sookie's magic nookie had never been on such a trip.  It made her so happy that she wanted to take this trip again and again.  Bill had even more fun than Sookie.  He decided that he would take Sookie's magic nookie on as many trips as he could.  He decided he wanted to travel everyday.

Other men wanted to take Sookie's magic nookie on a trip as well. 
 Sam, the man that Sookie worked for, wanted to take the magic nookie on a very long trip.  But Sookie would not let him. Sam was very sad.  He decided to take Tara's nookie on a trip, but it was not a magic nookie.  Sam decided he would stay sad.  

One night Sookie met another vampire named Eric.  Eric knew that Sookie had a magic nookie.  Eric wanted to take Sookie's magic nookie on a very, very, very long trip.  Bill did not want Eric to take Sookie's nookie on a trip.  Eric decided that he would not give up.  After all, it's not everyday that you meet someone with a magic nookie.


gymvamp said...

Another MAGIC rambling recap!! PERFECT!

classicmovies said...

You seem to have captured the relationships perfectly, especially the "magic nooky". This is great, keep doing these, I love them!

Ilovenorthman said...

I really liked the story.