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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New blog for my William Thomas Compton Chapters

In order to maintain the atmosphere of complete and total insanity at all times, I have moved my more serious blogs about Mr. Compton to a new home. A link can be found on the site, as well as at
Just look over to the right of the chapters, it's easy to find.

Thanks! Hope to see you there. Yeah, come on over. You know you want to!


Blooddrunk said...

I just reread all the chapters on your new blog ABNegative. I am hopelessly hooked (not that I mind it). Please update soon- It has been a long wait, the last chapter was posted on 28th Dec :(

However, I would just like to point out that the link on the right of this blog points to which doesn't exist- that blog name is still available for registration. The blog on which I found your chapters was I hope you remove the inconsistency in links 'cause I almost panicked when I couldn't find the new blog. Don't want this happening to fellow Bill lovers ya know.

ABNegative said...

Yeah, I know I goofed. After I posted the link from my old blog, I realized I wanted to change it. Being the dunderhead occassionally, it didn't occur to me that changing the title would screw up the links!